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Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton, née Katherine Mathilda Swinton le 5 novembre 1960 à Londres au Royaume-Uni, est une actrice et productrice britannique. Tilda Swinton est née en Angleterre, mais sa mère, Judith Balfour (née Kilen), est Australienne et son père, Sir John Swinton of Kimmerghame, Major-général, est Écossais. La famille Swinton est une ancienne famille anglo-écossaise dont la lignée remonte jusqu'au Xe siècle. Tilda Swinton a étudié à la West Heath Girls' School (dans la même classe que Diana Spencer). Diplômée de l'Université de Cambridge en sciences politiques et sociales, elle intègre la Royal Shakespeare Company en 1984, qui la lance sur la scène théâtrale. Sa carrière cinématographique commence deux ans plus tard, dans Caravaggio de Derek Jarman, avec qui elle tourne de nombreux autres films dont Edward II qui vaut à Tilda Swinton de recevoir la Coupe Volpi de la meilleure actrice à la Mostra de Venise en 1991. Le 24 février 2008, elle décroche, devant la...

Tilda Swinton dans l'actualite

Tilda Swinton film Snowpiercer is about post-apocalyptic class warfare
The National
His latest, Snowpiercer, starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and the Joon-ho regular Song Kang-ho, is his first film to be made in English. It was the burgeoning status of the director that persuaded Swinton to postpone her plans to take a ...

Boston Herald

Tilda Swinton on Why She Doesn't Consider Herself an Actor
Variety (blog)
Tilda Swinton has always exuded an otherworldly aura. Maybe it's the pale, almost translucent skin that highlights her steely blue eyes. She speaks with such rabid intelligence that even a casual conversation sounds like it was scripted by Dorothy Parker.
For Tilda Swinton, offbeat roles are in her bloodBoston Herald
Only Lovers Left Alive – everything you need to knowThe Guardian (blog)
'Only Lovers Left Alive' review: Life sucked out of the plotSFGate
Sydney Morning Herald -WBFO
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Dallas Morning News

Tilda Swinton discusses her new film's cultured vampirism
Dallas Morning News
AUSTIN — With her translucent skin, androgynous face and otherworldly fashion sense, Tilda Swinton was born to play an exceptionally stylish vampire. She gets to do just that in Only Lovers Left Alive, Jim Jarmusch's new film about an old and very hip ...
Vampires Are Actually the Perfect Subject for a Jim Jarmusch FilmSlate Magazine
Tom Hiddleston bites into vampiric Only Lovers Left AliveStraight.com
Jarmusch explores love among the undead in 'Only Lovers Left Alive'Times Colonist
TheChronicleHerald.ca -National Post
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Tilda Swinton: I Don't Feel Like An Actress
Tilda Swinton spends a lot of time in the Highlands of Scotland to avoid fellow actors and isn't able to answer how she prepares for roles after she's been cast in a film. She explained: "When people ask about how I approach a character - well, I ...


Tilda Swinton Is Not Quite of This World
But before Tilda Swinton was this strapping space aristocrat, or pensive movie star, or fabulously tailored fashion hologram with an ever-mutating, post-human coiffure (it's mixed with yak hair in Only Lovers), she was, like many of us, someone ...
Tilda Swinton Describes Tilda Swinton Quite BeautifullyJezebel
Tilda Swinton on Death and Not Dying in 'Only Lovers Left Alive'Metro.us
Tilda Swinton talks about her role in Jim Jarmusch's 'Only Lovers ...amNY
New Yorker -Los Angeles Times -Houston Press
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Tilda Swinton Lives by Night
Even in a generic corporate office, in the middle of an exhausting multi-city promotional tour, Tilda Swinton couldn't help but be cheeky. The statuesque Scottish Oscar-winner gave an impromptu tour of her home for the day — an antiseptic room at Sony ...
Exclusive Video Interview With Tilda Swinton On Only Lovers Left AliveWe Got This Covered

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The Wire

'The Deep End' Gave Us Tilda Swinton at Her Tightly-Wound Best
The Wire
It's hard to remember a time when Tilda Swinton wasn't spicing up our lives with her charmingly bonkers photoshoots and eclectic work in blockbusters and indies alike, which continues strong with Only Lovers Left Alive (out this Friday). In our new ...


You Can't Say No to Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Vampire ...
Sometimes two actors have such great chemistry that it almost doesn't matter what kind of story has been wrapped around them. In Only Lovers Left Alive, stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are utterly captivating as bohemian vampires who live like ...
Interview: Mythological Human Tilda Swinton Talks "Only Lovers Left ...Complex.com
Yes! Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, Jim Jarmusch AND vampires ...Montreal Gazette (blog)
Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton: Ultimate Vampire Couple in New ...International Business Times AU
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Brisante Endzeit-Saga im Eis mit Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton legt als diktatorische Handlangerin eine schrille Maggie- Thatcher- Parodie hin, Alison Pill instruiert die mitrasenden Kinder voll furchteinflößender Hysterie. Christina Krisch, Kronen Zeitung. Jetzt kommentieren. Sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung!

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Why Tilda Swinton Will Always Be a Glorious, Meme-Friendly Mystery
Can you ever really figure out what makes somebody cool? New York magazine plumbs the depths of our favorite space-alien actress in “Tilda Swinton Is Not Quite of This World,” and Swinton, mostly, remains pretty cool. Swinton is an actor's actor, the ...

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