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Pure People

Bob Geldof et la mort de sa fille Peaches : 'Oui, je savais qu'elle se ...
Pure People
Peaches Geldof est morte le 7 avril dernier d'une overdose d'héroïne. Son corps a été retrouvé sans vie dans leur maison de Wrotham, dans le Kent, par son mari, Thomas Cohen, qui revenait d'un week-end avec leur fils aîné Astala (2 ans). Dans une pièce ...
Bob Geldof évoque la mort de sa filleParis Match
Le père de Peaches Geldof revient sur la mort de sa fille : « Qu'est ...Elle
Bob Geldof : coupable et inconsolable depuis la mort de sa fille ...Non Stop People
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Bob Geldof se sent coupable de la mort de Peaches
En avril dernier, Peaches Geldof était retrouvée morte chez elle, des suites d'une overdose. Interviewé par le Daily Mail, son père Bob Geldof a dévoilé qu'il se sentait affreusement coupable, précisant à demi-mot qu'il avait même consommé de la drogue ...

Irish Independent

Bob Geldof blames himself for Peaches's death, but genes play a ...
Irish Independent
That is, an addictive personality - such as may have been the case for Peaches Geldof - was at least to some extent the product of an unlucky throw of the genetic dice. This would absolve the influence of parenting attitudes, although the fact that ...
Bob Geldof: 'We are a normal family. And one of us didn't make it'The Guardian
"One of us didn't make it… And it was very difficult" - Bob Geldof on ...Cosmopolitan UK
''Peaches' death has left me hating being alone'', says her grieving
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The Independent

Sir Bob Geldof reveals: 'I blame myself for Peaches' death'
The Independent
Peaches Geldof - a life in pictures. Performing with the Boomtown Rats gave him a moment's break from his grief. “I put on my snakeskin suit and I can be this other thing,” Sir Bob said. “It is utterly cathartic. Those two hours and I am drained. In ...
Bob Geldof on Peaches' death: 'You go back, go back, what could I ...Irish Independent
Bob Geldof "Blames" Himself for Daughter Peaches' Heroin ...Us Magazine
Peaches Geldof's Dad Still Grieving Over the Loss of His Daughter: I ...E! Online
Irish Times -People Magazine
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Daily Mail

JAN MOIR: It wasn't your fault, Bob: Peaches was responsible for ...
Daily Mail
Was rock 'n' roll parenting to blame for Peaches Geldof's death? Her father Bob Geldof seems to think it played a part. In a television interview this week he reflected upon where he 'went wrong' and 'what he could have done' to avoid the tragedy. That ...
Geldof: 'I blame myself over Peaches's death'Times of Malta
Bob Geldof Feels Responsible For Daughter Peaches' Death, Calls ...KpopStarz

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Sir Bob Geldof on how music helps him with grieving the loss of ...
Sir Bob Geldof has opened up about his grief following the death of his daughter Peaches Geldof earlier this year, admitting that performing with The Boomtown Rats allows him to “forget”. The I Don't Like Mondays hitmaker has reunited with the group, ...
Bob Geldof on dealing with Peaches' deathBBC News

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Peaches Geldof's widower Thomas Cohen on rare day out with Nick ...
Thomas Cohen enjoyed a rare day out with DJ Nick Grimshaw and his sister-in-law Pixie Geldof. The 24-year-old musician, who has only been spotted in public a handful of times since Peaches was found dead in April, looked happy as the group ate pizza ...
Pixie Geldof unites with brother-in-law Thomas Cohen with Nick ...Daily Mail
Thomas Cohen enjoys downtime with sister-in-law Pixie

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Tragischer Tod von Tochter Peaches (†25) | Bob Geldof fühlt sich ...
Tochter von Bob Geldof Peaches Geldof († 25) – Ihre letzte Reise. Am Montag haben Familie und Freunde Abschied von Peaches Geldof († 25) genommen. Ein Bild ihrer Liebsten ziert den Sarg. mehr.
Bob Geldof: Fühlt sich für Tod von Tochter Peaches verantwortlichSpiegel Online
Bob Geldof gibt sich die Schuld am Heroin-Tod von Tochter ...STERN
Peaches Geldof - Vater Bob gibt sich die Schuld an ihrem
Kleine Zeitung -Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung)
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Bob Geldof geeft zichzelf de schuld voor dood Peaches
Geldof geeft aan dat Peaches Geldof in februari weer begon met het gebruiken van heroïne. "Ze had ontzettend veel moeite met haar leven. Er lag overal druk op. Helaas kon ze het niet meer aan." ...

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Speaking out to ITV News earlier today, Sir Bob Geldof has admitted that he feels responsible and "blames himself" for the death of his daughter Peaches Geldof. Peaches died of a heroin overdose in April earlier this year, and since the tragedy Bob has ...

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