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Andreï Sergueievitch Mikhalkov-Kontchalovski (en russe : ?????? ????????? ????????-????????????) (parfois transcrit Andrei Konchalovsky à l'anglo-saxonne, étant donné sa carrière hollywoodienne), né le 20 août 1937 à Moscou, est un scénariste, réalisateur, producteur, acteur et compositeur russe. Né dans une famille d'intellectuels et d'artistes, Andreï Mikhalkov prit comme pseudonyme le nom de son grand-père maternel (le peintre Piotr Kontchalovski). Il est le frère du cinéaste Nikita Mikhalkov, et le fils de l'écrivain Sergueï Mikhalkov. Se destinant à une carrière de pianiste, il étudia dix ans durant au Conservatoire de Moscou. Sa rencontre en 1960 avec Andreï Tarkovski, avec qui il co-écrivit plusieurs scénarios (Le Rouleau compresseur et le violon, L'Enfance d'Ivan, Andreï Roublev), l'orienta vers le cinéma. Son premier long-métrage, Le Premier Maître (1964) reçut un accueil favorable en U.R.S.S. et fut projeté dans...

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13 janvier 2006

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filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky talks 'realpolitik'
Financial Times
“Everything is real,” Andrei Konchalovsky exclaims. “The people are real. The postman is real. The funeral is real. I didn't know the old lady was going to die! It was to be our first scene with her and someone comes to me to say: 'She's dead'. So we ...


Venice: Russian Maestro Andrei Konchalovsky on Digital Filmmaking
Nearly 50 years after directing his debut feature, “The First Teacher,” Russian maestro Andrei Konchalovsky returns to the Venice Film Festival competition for the fifth time as director with “The Postman's White Nights.” No stranger to major film fest ...
Antipode to deliver Venice title The Postman's White NightsScreen International
Antipode Picks Up Venice Player 'The Postman's White Nights'Chicago Tribune

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Hollywood Reporter

Russian Director Andrei Konchalovsky Won't Release Venice ...
Hollywood Reporter
Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky won't release his most recent film, The Postman's White Nights, which won him the best director's Silver Lion at Venice, theatrically as he doesn't want it to be watched by "Hollywood" audiences. The film's premiere ...

Abus de Ciné

Festival de Venise 2014 : Konchalovsky égratigne le pouvoir russe ...
Abus de Ciné
Le réalisateur russe Andrei Konchalovsky (frère de Nikita Mikhalkov) revient en compétition à Venise après s'être concentré ces dernières années sur la réalisation d'un bon nombre de documentaires. Son nouveau film est en réalité à mi-chemin entre la ...

The Guardian

Andrei Konchalovsky: 'Forget freedom – wars and plagues make the ...
The Guardian
'Tango & Cash (pictured), like every real Hollywood film, is a film for people who cannot read', says its director Andrei Konchalovsky. Photograph: Warner Bros/Sportsphoto/Allstar. The cosmopolitan, much-married Konchalovsky (his fifth wife, actor and ...

Hollywood Reporter

Film director Andrei Konchalovsky rejects “overvalued” Oscar ...
The Calvert Journal
Russian-American film director Andrei Konchalovsky has refused to be shortlisted for an Oscar for his latest film The Postman's White Nights, calling the Hollywood prize “overvalued”. In a letter published on Wednesday, Konchalovsky slammed the award ...
Russian Venice Winner Pulls Film From Foreign-Language Oscar ...Hollywood Reporter

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Hollywood Reporter

Venice Review: Andrei Konchalovsky's Uncanny, Amazing 'The ...
Indie Wire (blog)
A peculiar thing happened to us earlier on, and it goes by the name of “The Postman's White Nights.” Andrei Konchalovsky's Venice favorite (it's tipped for the Golden Lion) is a film whose effect is hard to communicate, as the amount of time we've ...
Interview: Awarded Russian movie director Andrei Konchalovsky's ...Shanghai Daily (subscription)
Venice: Silver Lion Winner 'The Postman's White Nights' Captivates ...Hollywood Reporter
Konchalovsky's film wins Silver Lion in VeniceITAR-TASS
Variety -The Calvert Journal -Screen International
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Venice Film Review: 'The Postman's White Nights'
An isolated village in Russia's far north is the setting for Andrei Konchalovsky's “The Postman's White Nights,” a fiction feature informed by reality with a cast largely composed of non-professional locals acting out their daily lives. The story ...
'The Postman's White Nights' ('Belye nochi pochtalona Alekseya ...Hollywood Reporter

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Enterprising year for independents
Morning Star Online
The Postman's White Nights by Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky — sadly not released in Britain — tells the story of a remote lakeside community where the village postman is the sole connection to the outside world. It's a poignant commentary on ...

Andrei Konchalovsky – Russian Film Director
BBC News
In August 1914, 100 years ago, the five great powers of Europe declared war on one another. For countries like Britain, Germany and France the significance of World War One is regularly debated and commemorated. But what of that other great power, ...